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Artists Show Off their Sweet Side at St. James

Student using dessert to make art thumbnail182934

Inspired by the paintings of Wayne Thiebaud, who is known for works of art that replicate sweets, desserts and bakery items, the fourth graders in Ms. Fleming’s class at St. James Elementary School showed off their sweet side with artistic replications of desserts. The lesson taught students about composition, focusing on light sources and using shadowing in their paintings. Students chose a dessert item to sketch in pencil and then used oil pastels to shade, layer and blend their colors.

St. James Students Step Back in Time

St. James Students Step Back in Time Photo thumbnail182368

Students in Jennifer Goldman’s third grade class at St. James Elementary School went back in time. The students read about and researched influential people in history. As a culminating activity, the students dressed as historical figures. Each student read a biography, made a poster and dressed as the person they researched.

Surprise Visit at St. James Elementary

Surprise Visit at St. James Elementary Photo thumbnail182417
Kindergarten teacher Melissa Biangazzo from St. James Elementary School was surprised by an unexpected visit from her son, who is a U.S. Marine. Robert Biangazzo surprised his mom and her kindergartners outside of her classroom. Robert was stationed in North Carolina and hasn’t been home to see his parents since October 2020. He’s now at home and serving in the Marine Reserves.