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Student Oath

I promise to be an honest, hard working student
To obey our school rules
To respect people and property
To take pride in our school
To be a role model for fellow students
And to be a good citizen at all times


Learning Letters with Clay

Student making letters with clay thumbnail182935

Students at Mills Pond Elementary School in Ms. Fleming’s art class are learning their letters while also working on their fine motor and art skills. Students worked with clay and manipulated their pieces into the first letter of their names. They then mounted the letter to another clay piece that they patterned with doily.

Mills Pond Fifth Graders Mark 1,000 Days of Learning

Mills Pond Fifth Graders Mark 1,000 Days of Learning thumbnail181860

The fifth graders at Mills Pond Elementary School celebrated 1,000 days of learning on March 11 with a day filled with fun learning activities.

Students came to school dressed as their future career aspirations. There were teachers, doctors, nurses and veterinarians walking the halls throughout the day. The lessons for the day were also centered around the number 1,000. For one activity, the students started in their classroom and walked in small groups, counting 1,000 steps around the school and marked where they ended. During a math lesson, students created a checkbook register and marked what they would use $1,000 to purchase.

Students calculated what grade they would be in during their 2,000th day of school. After determining they would be high school juniors, the students wrote letters to themselves as 11th graders. They wrote about who they are now and what they plan to do in the future, including college and career goals.

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life thumbnail181564

The district has created a video series titled “Day in the Life” to highlight some of the staff members around our district who are going above and beyond. This video features David Attard, security guard at Mills Pond Elementary.