Smithtown Celebrates Our Community

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The Smithtown community has so many reasons to be proud. This video series honors many of the people who exemplify this commitment to our students and the community at large. Thank you for all that you do to support our students! This video highlights the Parent-Teacher Association.

Combining Technology with Artistry

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Fifth graders at Smithtown Elementary School are combining their love of art with technology in Ms. Lewis-Kerim’s classes. Using their Chromebooks, the student-artists used multiple methods with digital media to create a double-exposure digital self-portrait.

To practice the different techniques, students used Vincent van Gogh’s self-portrait to get acquainted with the process. A second technique used an image of Frida Kahlo's portrait in combination with a second image. A raster mask and a screen blending option were used to create a double-exposure technique. Students practiced both methods to decide which technique to use to create their own self-
portrait double-exposure image.

The students then created their own self-portrait using their Chromebook cameras to simulate a double-exposure process using an online digital editing program. When complete, the portraits will be placed in the fifth grade hallway for a Class of 2021 graduation art exhibition.

Two East DECA Students Rank in Top 20 in the World

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DECA recently hosted its annual International Career Development Conference virtually for more than 17,000 international students. High School East DECA students Lilly Chai and Samantha Micozzi ranked in the top 20 in the world in their respective events.

Their road to ICDC started in September by preparing for their respective competitions. The Suffolk County virtual regional competition was hosted in January, where the students qualified to compete at the New York State virtual conference held later that month. Based on their performances at the state competition of more than 2,000 students, Lilly and Samantha were among 18 students from High School East and High School West who competed at ICDC.

Lilly competed in the quick serve restaurant management where she took an exam and was given two roleplay scenarios with 10 minutes to solve a problem presented to her. Samantha participated in the professional selling competition, creating a company that could adapt to a virtual environment.

East Junior Named Winner in National Essay Contest

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High School East junior Jonathan Chung, part of the ThINK Discovery science research program, was selected as one of 10 honorable mentions for his essay in this year’s DNA essay contest, sponsored by the American Society of Human Genetics.

Genome Wide Association Studies are used to associate genetic variations to certain diseases, and a lack of diverse participation can affect the pool of information available to scientists. Problems with a diverse data pool was the topic of this year’s contest.

Students from 40 U.S. states and 30 countries submitted essays. “It was a lot of work, but I can see that writing many drafts with lots of red marks contributes to a better quality paper,” Chung said.

Scientific writing requires an enormous amount of research, according to Maria Zeitlin, ThINK research coordinator at High School East. “Often the topics are ones the students have never heard about and so the writing begins with hours of literature review followed by writing a minimum of four drafts,” she said. “The result of all that hard work was Jonathan’s essay was very well articulated and analytical of the problems with genomic association studies.”

Virtual Enterprise Wins E-Commerce Comp for Web Design

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From the School of Business, the High School East virtual enterprise company, SeasonALL, won an award for the e-commerce competition. SeasonALL’s website, designed by the students in the virtual enterprise class, was entered into the contest through the virtual enterprise hub. Overall, the company placed in the top 10%. Congratulations to co-CEOs Dianna Johnson and Jordan Romano, CFO Ava Hinteman and technology department members Ashley Prevet and Mia DiGennaro.