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Bus Emergency Contact Information:

After 4pm you can use the following numbers if there is a bus emergency.
Always stay home if your child has not arrived- do not go to the school.
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The USDA has extended the free breakfast and free lunch offerings for all school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program through June 2022. Therefore, all students remain eligible for breakfast and lunch at no cost for the entire 2021-2022 school year. Please note that a' la carte items are not considered "meals" and do not qualify as free, but are still available for purchase. THESE ITEMS INCLUDE INDIVIDUAL CARTONS OF MILK, INDIVIDUAL JUICE, BEVERAGES, SNACKS, INDIVIDUAL FRUIT. For additional information, please contact Child Nutrition at 631-382-5000.

New Playground Opens at Tackan Elementary: 'It’s like a wild carnival ride!'

Student slides. thumbnail209438

Tackan Elementary School students officially got into the swing at their new playground on Thursday.

With the temperature reaching the upper-40s and the sun brightly shining with no wind, Barbara Beard and Kelly Bennis’ third grade students became the first of several classes to use the new playground throughout the school day.

Students shouted, “I’m so excited!” and, “This is so cool!” and, “It’s like a wild carnival ride!” as they approached and then began using the state-of-the-art new playground.

The playground includes eight swings, a pair of slides and several other climbing structures. One swing even resembles a car seat for those who may have accessibility issues with a traditional playground swing.

Staff, including the entire group of cafeteria workers, were so excited by the Tackan addition, they posed for photos on Day 1 of its use.

The playground is part of director of facilities Daniel Leddy and the Smithtown Central School District’s ongoing project to try to introduce one new playground annually around the district, provided the budget continues to allow it.

Date Added: 1/13/2022

Tackan Families Donate Truck-Load of Clothing to Needy

Student helps load truck with donated clothing. thumbnail209354

A truckload of used clothing and other items is headed to needy families thanks to the generosity of the Tackan Elementary School community.

Students in Bill Schroeder’s fifth grade class helped load nearly 300 bags of recently collected clothing, car seats, bedding, stuffed animals and small toys on Tuesday morning. The truck filled with donated items was bound for a New Jersey distribution hub that will share it domestically and internationally with those in need.

Organized by the Tackan Elementary PTA, the generosity also will benefit the school’s cultural arts program. Once the contents arrive at the charity’s distribution hub and the truck pulls onto a scale, the program will receive a cash donation based on the weight.

Date Added: 1/11/2022

HS East Choir Performs at Tackan Elementary, Entertains Young Students

HSE choir lines up to perform for TES students. thumbnail208851

The High School East choir is visiting elementary schools in the district to share holiday cheer. We caught up with the group at Tackan Elementary School on Tuesday.


Tackan Third Graders Get Writing Tips from Accomplished Author

Author Brian Heinz thumbnail208495

Tackan Elementary third graders received a lesson in book writing and publishing from an established author on Tuesday afternoon.

Brian Heinz, a former science teacher who incorporates that expertise into his writing about wild animals, went through his “road map for writing” with students while mixing in tales of his travel adventures.

Heinz, whose books for young readers include “The Great North Woods” and “The Alley Cat,” explained to students that good writing begins with research.

He noted that for his books, he frequently travels with his wife with a journal and takes notes while observing wildlife. He also takes photographs.

Heinz entertained the students with tales of his adventure on a dog-drawn sled in the Canadian wilderness while doing research for a book on bears.

He also noted how he scooped up dirt and smelled it while visiting the Cheyenne River Canyon, because a good author records not just what he or she sees, but also from the other senses — including hearing, smelling and feeling.

Heinz went on to describe how his notes turn into a first draft, which continually gets refined, and how it can take two years from when he submits a manuscript to a publisher until it gets printed and is available for sale.

The students marveled as Heinz displayed the illustration process, particularly how yellow, magenta, cyan and black layers come together to make an image.

Heinz will visit individual classrooms on Wednesday to further teach the writing process.

He told third graders on Tuesday that he hopes to walk into a bookstore one day and find their books for sale on the shelves.

Tackan Fourth Graders Create Restraint Systems to Protect Eggs in Crashes

Student prepares to launch vehicle thumbnail208273
Students in Elise Viola’s fourth grade class at Tackan Elementary School having been learning about energy transfer in collisions. And on Wednesday, they applied that recent education by testing vehicles they designed to carry eggs safely down a track and into a wall.
Using Vex Kit pieces, and with the assistance of STEM instructional specialist Dave Junz, the students strapped eggs into their vehicle restraint systems. The vehicles then were placed on an inclined plane. And when the students let go of their vehicles, they learned upon impact with the wall if their designs worked and the eggs remained uncracked.
The students recorded the impacts with slow-motion video to analyze it afterward.
Students have been exploring how mechanisms change energy by transferring direction, speed, type of movement and force. They discovered a variety of ways that potential energy can be stored and released as kinetic energy.
They also learned the relationship between the speed of an object and the energy of that object. And they predicted the transfer of energy as a result of a collision between two objects.
“The students were given a choice of materials used and a set of parameters to work within with a reminder of how energy is transferred,” Viola said.

Smithtown CSD Students Offer Appreciation to Police at Thanksgiving

Student letters to police thumbnail207797

Smithtown Central School District elementary school students sent a very special thank you to local heroes in advance of Thanksgiving.

The Smithtown Teachers’ Association organized a card-writing campaign to thank Suffolk County police officers from the local 4th Precinct.

The messages included students completing the sentence, “I am thankful for the police because …”

• The police make me feel safe.

• They help us get home if we are ever lost.

• They put their life on the line to help others.

• They help people that need help.