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Bus Emergency Contact Information:

After 4pm you can use the following numbers if there is a bus emergency.
Always stay home if your child has not arrived- do not go to the school.
Our main office closes at 4pm

Towne Bus for all Large Buses: 631-862-2019
Suffolk Transportation for all mini buses: 631-732-3200 ext 16





Showing Off Their Circus Skills

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The National Circus Project recently made a weeklong stop at Tackan Elementary School. Two professional circus artist-instructors held introductory workshops for the fourth grade class. The instructors kicked off the week by showing off their skills during an assembly for the whole grade level. Each day during the week, the students learned age-appropriate circus skills during their physical education classes, such as juggling, plate spinning, devil sticks and diablo manipulation. The students showcased their new skills at the conclusion of the week with a performance.

A Trip to the Mesozoic Era

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Dinoman and his dinosaurs visited Tackan Elementary School second grade students with a program that took them on a trip through the Mesozoic era. Dinoman also visited each classroom to teach the students about dinosaur fossils. Students had the opportunity to touch dinosaur horns and rocks containing fossils.

Tackan Kicks Off PARP

To kick off PARP at Tackan Elementary School, Beth and Scott Bierko performed in a reading and literacy show, singing about stories around the world. The pair used songs to retell myths, legends and stories from books. The show gets students involved and excited about reading.

PARP Artwork

Wizards Visit Tackan

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A basketball player from the Harlem Wizards visited Tackan Elementary School to amuse the students and teachers with amazing tricks and sky-high slam dunks. The comedy and the audience participation delivered a fun-filled show.

Happy 100 Days!

Tackan kindergarten, first and second grade classes centered their days activities around the number 100 to celebrate the 100th day of school on Feb. 13. The students dressed as if they were 100 years old wearing glasses, gray hair, suspenders and hair rollers. Students created hats, colored the number 100, stacked cups and counted 100 steps.

Author Visit

Brian Heinz, children’s book author, visited Tackan to share his wonderful stories with third grade students about some comical incidents that have occurred in completing his research on his wild animal subjects. He also taught them how to write their own stories. He writes from the heart and provides rich sensory details that allow readers to feel as if they themselves are there.

Teaching Dental Health

Dr. Munk teaches dental care to Tackan kindergarten students to help them learn healthy habits that bring a bright smile and a bright future with simple dental hygiene.

Crashing Into Energy Lessons

Crashing Into Energy Lessons photo thumbnail164634

Fourth graders at Tackan Elementary School and Mills Pond Elementary School are crashing into their Project Lead the Way lesson on energy transfers. In a hands-on experiment, the students investigated elastic and inelastic collisions to learn how energy was transferred during a collision. Using two ramps and working in groups, the students tested collisions between two cars at different heights and recorded their results during the different trials. 

On Target at Tackan

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Tackan’s On-Target program is designed to recognize the positive contributions of students to the school community. The following students have been recognized for demonstrating great effort, improvement or achievement.

Tackan Blood Drive