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Principal - Mr. Ierano:  (631) 382-4355
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Psychologist:  (631) 382-4371
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School Hours: 9:30 am - 3:35 pm.

SCOPE Science Enrichment

Principal's Welcome Letter August 2019

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Mission Statement

The path to our dreams begins with the partnership between our school and families working collaboratively to ensure a safe and caring environment. Varied educational experiences at Mt. Pleasant Elementary school offer students the tools necessary to embrace diversity, become independent lifelong learners, and compassionate global citizens.


Problem-Solving Skills Help Save Their Pop

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During a recent Project Lead the Way lesson, the second graders in Mrs. Rasmussen’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School participated in a problem-solving hands-on activity to “save the ice pop.” They had to problem solve a way to save their ice pops before they melted. The students learned about insulators and conductors during the unit focusing on states of matter.

Native American Day

Fourth graders at Mt. Pleasant recently spent the day engaged in hands-on learning activities thanks to a program from Journeys into American Indian Territories. The program coincides with the students’ fourth grade social studies curriculum. Check out some of the pics from the day:

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Kindness Grows at Mt. Pleasant

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Mt. Pleasant’s “Random Act of Kindness Wall” is ready for the picking. Teachers will discuss with their class different ways to spread kindness in the school, with their family, friends and even animals. Students are excited to pick a few acts of kindness for their class to spread and share.

VIP Lunch

Third graders invited VIPs into the classroom for lunch. These special guests were presented with written projects made just for them, and they played games that celebrated bonds with special people in their lives.

Feeling Like Coding

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Students in Mrs. Smerechniak’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School read the story “Today I Feel Silly” by Jamie Lee Curtis to Mrs. Chester's second grade class. The students shared their feelings with the class. As an added activity, the students correlated their feelings with ozobot movements through coding. For example, if they were feeling excited the ozobot could be coded with the “turbo boost” code.

By Heart

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Mrs. Chester’s second graders at Mt. Pleasant got creative and wrote what they know by heart.

Mt. Pleasant Goes Red

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Mt. Pleasant Elementary participated in the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign. Teachers and staff wore red in support of woman’s heart health and raised $200 toward this worthy cause.

‘Around the World’

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Actor, singer and storyteller Lou Del Bianco visited Mt. Pleasant third graders on Feb. 5. Students enjoyed the “Around the World” performance of folktales, fairytales and fables.

Chinese New Year

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Students in Mrs. Cameron’s first grade class had fun learning all about the Chinese New Year.

Author’s Workshop Inspires Third Grade Writers

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Author’s Workshop Inspires Third Grade Writers thumbnail162274
Author’s Workshop Inspires Third Grade Writers thumbnail162275
Author’s Workshop Inspires Third Grade Writers thumbnail162276
Award-winning children’s book author Brian Heinz visited with third graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School on Jan. 14. Mr. Heinz spoke to students about the book writing and publishing process by using reenactments of his real-life experiences. Students learned the methods he uses when researching possible book topics and the importance of using the five senses to develop and incorporate descriptive language in writing. During his in-class workshops, Mr. Heinz used a “road map”-style mural board and dozens of visual aids to teach students how a book becomes reality from raw ideas to a finished product.

Super Bowl Predictions

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Mrs. Rasmussen’s second graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School had a fun writing lesson. They got creative and wrote their Super Bowl predictions.