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Important Announcements Regarding Upcoming Events & Activities:

  • 2021 Spring Driver Education
  • 2020-2021 Yearbook Information
  • Cap and Gown orders will be taken on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 to Friday, January 29, 2021 during periods 4 through 8 in the commons area. Two packages will be available to choose from. The basic package will cost $29 and consists of a cap, gown and regular tassel. The deluxe package will cost $3 9 and consists of a cap, gown, regular tassel plus a souvenir tassel and a mini tassel key ring. Extra souvenir tassels, mega tassels, and mini key rings may be purchased for $6 each. The cap, gown and tassel(s) are kept by the students as mementos. Payment can be made in cash or checks made payable to Josten's, Inc.
  • Wilson Tech BOCES 2021-2022
    Any 10th or 11th grade students who are interested in attending Wilson Tech BOCES next year should go to their Counseling Center grade level Google Classroom for information and to request a virtual visit. Brochures highlighting each of their programs are available in the counseling center. Be aware that if after you view the program virtually and would like to attend next year, an application must be filled out and returned to your counselor by the deadline date.
    Applications can be picked up in the counseling office or printed from your Google Classroom. If you have any questions, please see your school counselor.
  • 2021-2022 Leadership Application - 10th & 11th Grade Students
  • 2021 East Yearbook Information
  • Field of Honor Order Form
  • Wall of Heroes Application Form
  • Free Peer Tutoring
    HSE students offering free tutoring services to students who are struggling with the
    obstacles of remote learning to help them not only comprehend the material, but be
    able to retain it and utilize it in a classroom setting. Our tutoring services will be
    one-on-one for AP, honors, and regents courses listed on our website. Students will
    provide the topic and subject that they need help in prior to the tutoring session, so
    that our tutors can prepare themselves accordingly. They may also bring any
    material related to their course, and the tutors can help them. The tutoring sessions
    vary depending on the needs of the student. Meetings can be one-time, usually for
    tests/quizzes/homework help or on a weekly basis for challenging courses. Each
    tutoring session will be a 40-minute session or less and be conducted through
    Our goal is to provide quality education to students to aid our peers through remote learning and beyond.
  • SHSE Club Activity Guide 20-21
  • NEW 2020-2021 BELL SCHEDULE
  • Senior Parking Sticker Letter
  • Recycle for a Cure: Pink Cans 4 Cancer
    Help save our environment and help young women fight Breast Cancer on LI.
    Pink recycling cans are found in the SHSE Cafeterias, Gyms, and on the Third Floor. Proceeds from each recyclable will help those fighting breast cancer afford treatment.


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High School East News:

Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards

Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards thumbnail179610
Four Seniors Honored with Zone Awards thumbnail179611
Four seniors were honored with Suffolk Zone Awards in December. The winners, chosen by the physical education staff, are the top male and female physical education students in the graduating class. Criteria for achieving this honor, as defined by the Suffolk Zone Chapter of the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, include earning an A average or above a 90 in high school physical education classes, earning an overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale at the completion of the 11th grade year, and being a physical fitness role model, as well as character and leadership assessments.  

The district congratulates Jack Marti and Amanda Moghadasi from High School East as well as Christina Unkenholz and Nicholas Germano from High School West.

East Seniors Receive Leadership Awards

East Seniors Receive Leadership Awards thumbnail179608
East Seniors Receive Leadership Awards thumbnail179609
High School East students Kaylee Gallagher and Abigail Thaw received awards from the National School Development Council for Academic Growth and Student Leadership in Learning.  

The National School Development Council is a network of regional school study councils that supports excellence equity and continuous educational improvement. The NSDC award is presented to high school seniors who have consistently pursued a high level of academic effort, and who have also served as positive role models for the student body. Recipients of the award exemplify admirable character and accomplishment.

HSE FCCLA Brings Cheer to a Lonely Year

HSE FCCLA Brings Cheer to a Lonely Year thumbnail179422

The Family, Career and Community Leaders of America chapter at High School East, along with their advisers Jaclyn Fettinger and Connie Smith, wanted to do something special this year for the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In the past, the chapter has always visited the homes with holiday wreaths for the residents and played games and socialized with them. This year, they were unable to visit the nursing homes but they still wanted to make their holidays special. 

Many of these residents have not seen family members and friends in 10 months. The chapter members decided to raise money for items they needed and missed the most – shampoo, lotion, nail polish, lipstick, pocket tissues, word search books, body wash and toothbrushes. Simple items that are very missed by the residents since they’ve had no visitors bringing them. The chapter made and sold pot holder gift sets with various sayings on them. Each set had a cookie mix and a kitchen utensil. The chapter members also put together a holiday dessert cookbook to add to the order. Fifty-two sets were sold. The chapter made the wreaths for the residents to hang on their doors. Twenty-five wreaths were delivered to Luxor Nursing Home at Mills Pond.   

Through the gift set sales, the chapter raised $500, which allowed them to buy more than 400 of the items they wanted. These were distributed between Mills Pond Nursing Home and Sunrise Assisted Living in Smithtown. Members of the chapter also made a video sending holiday messages, songs and a dance routine for the residents to watch. In a year where many of these residents felt all alone, FCCLA wanted to bring them some holiday cheer and let them know they are thinking of them.

Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA

Student-Musicians Selected for SCMEA  thumbnail179171
The district would like to congratulate the following students who have been selected to represent Smithtown in the annual Suffolk County School Music Educators’ Association’s All-County Music Festival:

Accompsett Middle School: Asha Andrews, chorus, children’s voice; Anna Diakou, orchestra, violin; Katherine Dunn, band, trumpet/cornet; Matthew Galletta, band, alto saxophone; Lucia Gubista, band, baritone/euph; Emmerson LeBrecht, chorus, children’s voice; Jacey Lin, orchestra, violin; Emily McNiff, chorus, children’s voice; Katerina Miller, band, bass clarinet; Carolena Passeggiata, band, flute; Zachary Podair, chorus, baritone; Alia Romanelli, chorus, soprano; Rose Scavuzzo, band, flute; and Tyler Walters, band, clarinet.

Great Hollow Middle School: Ethan Benstock, band, trumpet/cornet; Liana Cheng, orchestra, violin; Juliet Chong, orchestra, violin; Amanda Irmscher, band, percussion; Ethan Kim, band, bassoon; Rose Link, band, flute; Madeline McCullough, band, clarinet; Madison Powell, band, clarinet; Hannah Ren, orchestra, violin; and Mantra Sharma, orchestra, viola.

Nesaquake Middle School: Jolene Cao, violin; Leo Carnevale, band, trumpet/cornet; Autumn Chandler, chorus, children’s voice; Nicholas Fiorentino, band, tuba/sousaphone; Eddie Grcic, band, tuba/sousaphone; Caroline Hartmann, orchestra, viola; Hannah Hennan, chorus, children’s voice; Stella Kiladitis, chorus, children’s voice; Carter Lam, band, alto saxophone; Iliana Merolle, band, clarinet; Jack Moylan, band, clarinet; Cooper Moses, band, baritone saxophone; Melissa Nickl, chorus, alto; Tyler Popko, band, trumpet/cornet; Adrienne Porti, chorus, alto; Nicholas Puccio, orchestra, cello; Jaden Robinson, chorus, children’s voice; Naomi Sanabia, orchestra, violin; Jonathan Setzer, chorus, children’s voice; and Jake Wurtzel, band, trumpet/cornet.

High School East: Violette Baez, band, clarinet; Ava Bernardo, chorus, soprano; Adam Carnevale, band, baritone saxophone; Stacey Chuang, orchestra, violin; Jonathan Chung, band, trumpet/cornet; Shane DeCamp, chorus, tenor; Sean Diffley, chorus, tenor; Ayden Fleming, band, percussion; Emily Garry, chorus, soprano; Sophia Gavaris, band, French horn; Ariana Glaser, chorus, alto; Luke Hampson, chorus, tenor; Alex Hartmann, chorus, tenor; Daniel Hwang, orchestra, percussion; Philip Impastato, band, baritone saxophone; Taylor Koehler, orchestra, cello; Lexi Lackmann, chorus, soprano; Emily Lam, orchestra, cello; Parker Lehner, orchestra, trumpet/cornet; Josie Lent, orchestra, percussion; Stephen Levin, band, baritone/euph; Jack Lombardi, band, alto saxophone; Juliana Maloney, band, percussion; Jillian Mayer, orchestra, trumpet/cornet; Samantha Micozzi, band, clarinet; Aman Mistry, band, trombone; Joe Newman, chorus, baritone; Aidan Quinn, band, alto sax; Sofia Ragona, band, trumpet/cornet; Deven Ramchandran, orchestra, violin; Dylan Serino, orchestra, bass trombone; Sofia Sininsky, chorus, soprano; Sanjivani Singh, orchestra, violin; Luke Surrusco, chorus, bass; Coleton Trafas, band, alto saxophone; and Michael Van Brunt, orchestra, percussion.

High School West: Elianna Andrews, orchestra, viola; Henri Buchet, orchestra, violin; James Corcoran, band, alto saxophone; Samantha Crush, orchestra, clarinet; Anna DiBiase, band, flute; Sofia Fried, band, baritone/euph; John Galletta, band, trombone; Erika Gehrling, chorus, alto; Zachary Goldstein, band, alto saxophone; Jensen Herbst, band, piccolo; Annabella Hernandez, chorus, alto; Erika Hinson, chorus soprano; Olivia Hsiao, orchestra, violin; Abigail Jung, orchestra, violin; Stephen Jung, orchestra, viola; Peter Kagiwada, orchestra, French horn; Annabelle Kreitzman, orchestra, violin; Justin Martin, band, trumpet/cornet; Kelsey Most, orchestra, viola; Vasilis Papadopoulos, band, tuba/sousaphone; Eric Pentecoste, orchestra, viola; Madeline Raeihle, orchestra, viola; John Rotondo, band, baritone/euph; David Rubin, orchestra, violin; Sydney Savickis, orchestra, violin; Dara Schnur, chorus, alto; Francis Seely, band, trumpet/cornet; Noella Sexton, chorus, soprano; Michael Struzzieri, band, alto saxophone; Colin Wong, band, tuba/sousaphone; and Jaime Yoos, band, flute.

Congratulations, the following 11th and 12th grade students who have been selected to represent Smithtown in the annual NYSCAME/Suffolk All-County Music Festival.

High School East: Arianna Antonacci, orchestra, double bass; Gianna Antonacci, band, flute; Antonio Colao, band, trombone; Michael Dawson, band, French horn; Zachary Finger, band, alto saxophone; Antonio Fondacaro, chorus, tenor 2; Brody Hampson, chorus, tenor 2; Christopher Konopka, chorus, bass 1; Emma McDevitt, band, clarinet; Jordan Olivella, chorus, soprano 2; Emily Penna, orchestra; Krista Pulisic, chorus, alto 1; Brian Sabujo, band, trumpet/cornet; cello; Kelsey Solomon, chorus, alto 1; Isabella Surrusco, chorus, soprano 1; Sujata Tank, band, alto saxophone; Grace Tarsoly, chorus, soprano 2; Luke Vitale, chorus, bass 1; Faith Wankel, chorus, alto 2; and Emily Warner, chorus, soprano 2.

High School West: Francis Buchet, orchestra, cello; Hailey Cinquemani, band, multiple percussion; Dominic Gibbons, chorus, tenor 1; Aidan Griesing, orchestra, double bass; Peter Kagiwada, band, French horn; Leah Kelly, chorus, soprano 1; Matthew Kim, band, clarinet; Colin Mattera, chorus, bass 2; Matthew Nieto, chorus, tenor 2; John Petti, band, clarinet; Vanessa Rivera, chorus, soprano; Ashley Sieloff, orchestra, violin; and Richard Tylar, orchestra, trombone.

East Boys Soccer Team Honored

East Boys Soccer Team Honored thumbnail178959
The High School East boys varsity soccer team earned the United Soccer Coaches Team Academic Award for exemplary performance in the classroom as a team during the 2019-2020 academic year. High School East joins six other boys teams from New York State and 134 across the nation in being recognized for the honor. From left, team captains Noah Rosenblatt, Chris Catanzaro, Sean Popick, Nick Zodda, Jake Gallery and High School East Principal Dr. Kevin Simmons.

HS East Student Artist Wins Calendar Contest

HS East Student Artist Wins Calendar Contest thumbnail178954
High School East senior Nethmi Withanage has been named a winner in the Shanti Fund art competition. Each year, the Shanti Fund celebrates the life and values promoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Nethmi’s artwork will be featured in the annual Shanti Fund peace calendar. The theme for 2021 focuses on encouraging peace and truth/media. Members of the Shanti Fund delivered a check to Nethmi (center) in early December. She is pictured with Michael Mastrangelo (far left), director of fine arts, High School East art teacher Timothy Needles (second from right) and High School East Principal Dr. Kevin Simmons (right).

East Seniors Delve into Service Opportunities

East Seniors Delve into Service Opportunities thumbnail178955

The seniors at High School East in Ms. Tavis’ Leadership classes are delving headfirst into service opportunities to benefit both their school and local community. 

The Leadership classes, five in total offered this year by Ms. Tavis, fulfill their social studies graduation requirement. The class focuses on service learning opportunities that benefit the students in becoming the change they would like to see in their school and community. Currently, the classes are working on 21 different projects, all student-driven. Students brainstorm their projects at the start of the year and work to implement and execute their ideas. They create personal goals and Ms. Tavis challenges the them to work toward meeting those goals in their projects.  

So far this year, the students choose several different fundraising projects to benefit Smithtown Children’s Foundation. In early December, they hosted a drive-in movie at the high school to raise money for the foundation. They also are holding a gingerbread house making contest. The kits were purchased by members of the faculty and staff, who brought them home to decorate. The students will virtually judge the different photos of the gingerbread house submissions. The classes are also planning to host a history of Smithtown scavenger hunt for families to benefit the foundation. 

Aside from the fundraising efforts for their specific chosen charity, the students are involved in many other projects. Since they currently cannot host a food drive, they are promoting local food drives. They are also hosting a virtual food drive for L.I. Cares. The students are currently holding a Stocking Up for Self-Care drive to benefit St. Patrick’s Pantry. To spread some holiday cheer, they are wrapping the doors throughout the school in holiday paper. 

The students will also be hosting local therapy dogs that will be brought into the psychology and health classes to discuss how animals can be helpful emotionally. In November, the classes spread the word about voter registration to the school community. One ongoing project is a rock garden outside of the upperclassman cafeteria. Students can decorate rocks during their lunch period that will serve to brighten up the colorful garden. 

East Students Get Hands-On Childcare Lesson

High School East students with their RealCare robotic babies thumbnail178794

High School East students in Connie Smith’s child development family and consumer science class recently had a “day care” session with RealCare simulated computer babies. When the babies cried, the students had to tend to their needs – diapering, feeding, burping and rocking the babies – to teach them real life skills when tending to infants.

Wall of Heroes in the Works at East

Wall of Heroes in the Works at East   thumbnail178881
High School East students in Bill Coderre’s leadership class have been hard at work this school year to raise funds for the school’s new Wall of Heroes project.

To raise money for their new wall, the class held a Field of Honor fundraiser. The students sold flags for $20 with a message dedicated in honor or in memory of a veteran, active service member, law enforcement, fire department and more. The Field of Honor was assembled for Veterans Day and was on display on the school grounds throughout November. The field will be reassembled in late May for Memorial Day and Flag Day. The class is still accepting donations and information can be found on the school’s homepage.

The Wall of Heroes will be on display outside of the Smithtown High School East Little Theater. The class has created and posted the application for veterans and active service members of Smithtown for position on the wall. A preliminary design has been created, and the plan is to have the Wall of Heroes assembled for Memorial Day.

The leadership class is also working with the American Legion James Ely Miller Post in Smithtown to place grave markers for veterans in the Smithtown Cemetery. They plan to map out grave locations for veterans so flags can be placed in the holders for Memorial Day. They would also like to create a map so the community can easily locate names and burial location of veterans in the Smithtown Cemetery.

East FCCLA Goes Gold

East FCCLA Goes Gold thumbnail178798
In support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month this year, the High School East Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club raised money by selling gold laces and gold hearts to benefit pediatric cancer research. The club raised $382, and the proceeds were donated to Solving Kids’ Cancer and Whip Pediatric Cancer.

East Clubs Coordinate Food Drive for Local Families

Interact Club members with a cart carrying food donations thumbnail178790

In the weeks leading up to the holiday, the Interact Club at High School East worked in conjunction with the other clubs and classes at the school to coordinate a Thanksgiving food drive. Thanks to their efforts, the Smithtown High School East team members were able to distribute meals to 64 of district families.

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden thumbnail178535

Our next Day in the Life video series features school psychologist Jacqueline Harden from High School East and West.

East Musicians Honor Local Veterans

East Musicians Honor Local Veterans 1 thumbnail178346
East Musicians Honor Local Veterans 2 thumbnail178347
East Musicians Honor Local Veterans 3 thumbnail178348
Although the traditional parade was canceled this year, the High School East symphonic band decided to still honor the local veterans in their community on Veterans Day. The band marched around the outside of the St. James Rehabilitation and Health Care Center on Nov. 11. The residents came outdoors to hear the patriotic songs. They created a sign to thank the student musicians and were grateful for the visit.

East Students Promote French Culture

1 thumbnail177970
2 thumbnail177971
Nov. 4-10 was National French Week and the French foreign language students at High School East celebrated with different activities throughout the week. The students enrolled in French 2-5 courses labeled classrooms and hallways throughout the building in French. They decorated the school with streamers, banners and photos of French landmarks. Students also created different slideshows and participated in a French trivia contest, with prizes awarded to the top scorers. The goal of National French Week is to promote the French culture and language.