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High School East News:

HS East Students Moved by 'Ryan's Story' Presentation on Bullying, Suicide Prevention

Audience watches presentation thumbnail209445

Students at High School East heard an emotional and important message on Friday morning.

John Halligan, who lost his 13-year-old son Ryan to suicide in 2003, spoke with ninth and 10th graders about bullying, cyberbullying and teen suicide in a presentation sponsored by the PTSA and SADD.

At the time of his death, Ryan was a middle school student in Essex Junction, Vermont. It was revealed in detail after Ryan’s death that he was ridiculed and humiliated by peers at school and online.

“You are about to hear a sad story, but my intention is not to make you sad,” Halligan said. “I intend to get you to think, perhaps differently, about bullying.”

Halligan’s message: There is no simple cause and effect when it comes to bullying and suicide. But you never know how much someone is already hurting, especially from an underlying mental health issue, and you would never want to be the one who might push them over the edge.

Halligan spoke about the forgiveness he gave his son’s primary tormentors after they ultimately were confronted by him and showed remorse.

He also noted to the students, “You are loved beyond belief. Don't ever believe that you don't matter and that no one would miss you if you were gone.”

He asked students not to be ashamed to ask for help, and not to hesitate to seek help for a friend who has confided in you that they are suicidal.

He also asked bystanders who are friends with people who bully to get their friends to stop.

“Stand up to a friend who is bullying other people,” Halligan said, noting the difficulty.

Halligan closed his presentation by acknowledging that he may not have touched everyone in the respectful audience. Still, he knows someone’s life will be altered by his presentation.

“I’ve been out there long enough to know that at least one person in this room is going to take my son’s story to heart,” Halligan said. “Go up to somebody and simply say, ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the way I treated you.' That apology — that real, sincere, heartfelt apology — will be lifechanging.”

Date Added: 1/14/2022

Pair of HS East Seniors Earn National Recognition in Regeneron Science Talent Search

L to R: Principal Robert Rose, Jonathan Chung, Sarah Schubel, advisor Maria Zeitlin thumbnail209201
L to R: Principal Robert Rose, Jonathan Chung, Sarah Schubel, advisor Maria Zeitlin

Maria Zeitlin’s science students gathered in Room 136 at High School East at noon on Thursday for the annual revealing of the list of Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars.

The results of the prestigious competition did not disappoint.

Jonathan Chung and Sarah Schubel were recognized among 300 international scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022. The competition is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. The 300 scholars and their schools each will be awarded $2,000. 

High School East was one of only three high schools in Suffolk County with multiple honorees.

Chung’s project was entitled, “Microbial Associations Constrain Coral Adaptations to Heat Stress: An Integrative Multi-Dataset Analysis,” which studied impacts of global warming on coral reefs.

“You have high concentrations of greenhouse gasses, which ultimately impact coral reefing —which is when you have the coral that expels symbiont, giving it a white color,” Chung said. “The basis of my project was finding out the key players in the coral microbiome, which ultimately contribute to coral health, and to try to find trends in which thermophilic, or heat-loving, bacteria are present under these increased ocean temperatures.”

Schubel’s project was entitled, “Loss of NMDA Receptor Signaling Results in Excess Proliferation of CNS and Neural Crest-Derived Cells.”

“We mutated a receptor inside the brain of zebrafish,” Schubel said. “And then, based on the physical effects of that, we found that a lot of them relate to what you see in neurodevelopmental diseases and other related diseases. From that, we believe that the mutation of this receptor could be part of the pathway that causes these neurodevelopmental diseases.”

The 300 scholars were selected from 1,804 applications received from 603 high schools across 46 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and eight other countries.

Scholars were chosen based on their exceptional research skills, commitment to academics, innovative thinking and promise as scientists as demonstrated through the submission of their original, independent research projects, essays and recommendation. The 300 scholars hail from 185 American and international high schools in 37 states, China, Switzerland and Singapore, including three homeschools.  

The Regeneron Science Talent Search provides students with a national stage to present original research and celebrates the hard work and novel discoveries of young scientists who are bringing a fresh perspective to significant global challenges. This year, research projects cover topics from tracking countries’ progress on sustainable development goals to the impact of states’ individual COVID-19 responses, and from improving the tools used to diagnose Alzheimer’s to analyzing the effects of virtual learning on education.

“Amid an unprecedented and ongoing global health crisis, we are incredibly inspired to see such an extraordinary group of young leaders who are using the power of STEM to solve the world’s most intractable challenges,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of Society for Science, Publisher of Science News and 1985 Science Talent Search alum. “The ingenuity and creativity that each one of these scholars possesses has shown just how much intellectual curiosity and passion can thrive, even in difficult times.”

On Jan. 20, 40 honorees will be named Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists. The finalists will then compete for more than $1.8 million in awards during a week-long competition taking place March 10-16.

“We’re over the moon,” Zeitlin said. “The Science Talent Search is considered the nation’s most prestigious scientific competition.”

National School Development Council Recognizes Pair of HS East Seniors

L to R: Award winners Jason Schmideler and Matthew Dowd with principal Robert Rose thumbnail209142
L to R: Award winners Jason Schmideler and Matthew Dowd with principal Robert Rose

A pair of High School East students have received recognition from the National School Development Council.

Matthew Dowd and Jason Schmideler were honored with the organization’s Academic Growth and Student Leadership in Learning Award.

The National School Development Council is a network of regional school study councils that supports excellence and continuous educational improvement. The NSDC award is presented to high school seniors who have consistently pursued a high level of academic effort, and who have also served as positive role models for the student body. Recipients of the award exemplify admirable character and accomplishment.

HS East DECA Members Advance to State Competition with Impressive Regional Showing

Group photo thumbnail209110

High School East students produced impressive results at December’s DECA Suffolk County regional event, resulting in several students qualifying for the New York State DECA competition in March.

The students who advanced by finishing in the top 10 in their regional competitions:

John Aiossa, Ryan Brid, Richard Chai, Philip DeStefano, Andrea DiLeo, Avery Donnelly, Brandon Doukas, Andrew Epstein, Michael Fallon, Ava Finamore, Timothy Gahan, Aleigh Garrecht, Nathan Hackett, Caileigh Harrigan, Jase Heffernan, Timothy Illari, Julia Keleher, Joe Marselle, Brendan Marz, Stephen Mattera, Morgan Micozzi, Eric Milburn, Alexis Milburn, Mattie Naples, Juliana Nestor, Ashley Prevet, Jenna Prevet, Megan Reilly, Antonio Sabatino, Emily Sang, Jason Schmideler, Emily Schrier, Anthony Spiezio, Melissa Sullivan, Annie Tang, Alison Tawil and Gavin Van Riel.

HS East AP Students Make Rocky Candy during Solution Chemistry Lesson

Students display their rock candy creations. thumbnail209019

Maria Zeitlin’s AP chemistry class at High School East used science for a scrumptious purpose just before the break.
The students made rock candy as they learned about solution chemistry.
They learned that a supersaturated solution is unstable, in this case containing more sugar than able to stay in solution form. So, as the temperature dips, more molecules join the sugar crystals — creating the rock candy.

Smithtown CSD Students Selected for All-County Band, Orchestra, Chorus Ensembles

The High School West concert orchestra performs on Dec. 14. thumbnail208634
The High School West concert orchestra performs on Dec. 14.

A bevy of Smithtown Central School District musicians and singers in fifth through 10th grades have been selected for all-county honors ensembles.

The honorees, who now may participate in county bands, orchestras and choruses:

High School East: Emily Lam (cello), Jolene Cao (harp), Sanjivani Singh (violin 1), Shriyans Singh (violin 2), Rishabh Dholakia (violin 1), Jessica Penna (cello), Jake Lomando (viola), Jolene Cao (violin 2), Josephine Lent (percussion), Carter Lam (alto sax 2), Leo Carnevale (trumpet 3), Michael Van Brunt (percussion), Sarah Schrier (soprano 2), Ariana Glaser (alto 2), Joseph Newman (tenor 2), Ashley Irmscher (alto 2).

High School West: Rose Link (flute 2), Ethan Benstock (trumpet 1), Mikayla Grafstein (flute 2), Erika Gehrling (alto 2), Noella Sexton (soprano 2), Hatim Husainy (bass 1), Jarod Hirsch (tenor 2), Zachary Podair (tenor 2), Jia Macalinao (also 2), Vincent Fallacaro (bass 2), Melvin Cheng (violin 1), Henri Buchet (violin 1), Abigail Jung (violin 2), Anabelle Krietzman (violin 2), Hannah Ren (violin 1), Heng Ye (cello), Kayla O’Hagan (violin 1).

Accompsett Middle School: Keith Carden (percussion), Allyson McCabe (trumpet 3), Matthew Segal (trumpet 3), Matthew Galletta (alto sax 2), Rose Scavuzzo (flute 2), Jacey Lin (violin 1), Katherine Norris (violin 2), Lilah Carden (violin 2), Asha Andrews (soprano), Emily McNiff (alto), Michael Lagnese (children’s voice 1), Dominic Scavuzzo (children’s voice 1), Emmerson LeBrecht (alto).

Great Hollow Middle School: Juliet Chong (violin 1), Laina Magguilli (violin 2), Vanya Sharma (viola), Jake Saidens (violin 2), Ava Tagliavia (percussion), Madeline McCullough (Bb clarinet 3), Matthew Benstock (percussion timpani), Hannah Waller (soprano), Marilena Castoro (soprano).

Nesaquake Middle School: Sophia Leodis (flute 2), Maisie Havis (baritone/euphonium), Kevin Ronan (baritone/euphonium), Ryan Mitchell (trumpet 1), Justin Basile (tuba), Jack Moylan (Bb clarinet 3), Robert Boccafola-Fritz (bass clarinet), Eleanor Hottenroth (French horn 4), Riley Poole (French horn 4), Lyla Groneman (percussion mallet), Naomi Sanabia (violin 2), Nicholas Puccio (cello), Madelyn Geldmacher (violin 1), Ethan Tuzinkiewicz (viola), Allison Song (violin 2), Jaden Robinson (soprano), Jonathan Setzer (baritone), Joanna Hurd (children’s voice 1), Jordan Greenridge (children’s voice 1), Dahlia McHugh (children’s voice 1).

Accompsett Elementary: Veronica Leitner (children’s voice 1), Julia Lovejoy (children’s voice 1), Gabrielle Conforte (children’s voice 1).

HS East, West Chef’s Choice 1 Students Compete in 'Grilled Cheese Challenge'

Student chefs work at griddle. thumbnail208524

The Grilled Cheese Challenge is on!

Chef’s Choice 1 classes at both High School East and West are taking part in the cooking competition as part of their Family and Consumer Sciences course.

Groups of students are required to come up with their own recipe for high-end grilled cheese and then prepare their design for celebrity judges from among teachers and other staff.

Two groups in Paige Illiano’s seventh-period class on Wednesday decided to use bacon as part of their grilled cheese creations.

“They’re all making unique grilled cheese that involves some sort of sauce, cheese, veggies and meat,” Illiano said.

Kaitlyn Cosgro and Jaclyn Fettinger’s classes at East and West also are competing, using griddles and their recipes.

“We are practicing the cooking skills that they learned throughout the semester,” Illiano said.

Board of Education Honors Fall Athletic Champions at Tuesday's Meeting

Boys volleyball celebrates its Long Island championship on Nov. 11. thumbnail208501
Boys volleyball celebrates its Long Island championship on Nov. 11.

Pat Smith has spent his entire life in Smithtown.

And Smith, Smithtown Central School District’s athletic director, beamed with pride on Nov. 2 when High School West and High School East met in the girls soccer county championship match — marking the first time the two schools had ever met in any sport with a county title at stake.

“It was a magical moment you kids were able to bring to our community,” Smith proudly told the student-athletes on Tuesday night.

West’s win over East for the county title in girls soccer was part of an unprecedented level of success for Smithtown high school athletics in the fall.

And the board of education invited the most successful teams to its meeting on Tuesday night to be recognized. 

“It was just a really, really great fall for our athletes and coaches,” Smith said. “It’s been a while, and these kids and coaches have been through a lot.”

The West girls soccer team also finished with a 3.8 GPA and finished ranked 23rd in the nation.

The other teams honored at Tuesday’s board meeting besides the two girls soccer programs:

• Boys golf, a combined team that won the league title by edging Hauppauge despite missing players.

• Boys cross country, a combined team that won the league title and finished as county runner-up. The team has won 34 straight league meets over the past five years.

• Girls swimming and diving, a combined team with Hauppauge that went 8-0 en route to the county title. The team won every meet by more than 100 points, ranked third in the state among public schools, and set six school and two county records.

• High School West girls volleyball, which won its second straight county championship, finished undefeated in league play and was ranked in the top 10 in the state.

• Girls gymnastics, a combined team that won the county team championship.

• High School West boys volleyball, which won the Long Island championship, its second straight county title and finished as state runner-up.

HS East Club Members Return to Roots to Teach Lessons at Mills Pond Elementary

Morgan Wind teaches students at her elementary school alma mater. thumbnail208370
Morgan Wind teaches students at her elementary school alma mater.
High School East senior Morgan Wind and other members of the school’s Spreading Inspiration Through Education club returned to their roots on Thursday afternoon.
Members of the club, about half of whom are Mills Pond alums, arrived at the elementary school to visit classes and teach lessons.
Mills Pond teachers provided the topics ahead of time. And the SITE club members arrived with worksheets and lessons they had prepared for their assigned classes.
In Wind’s case, she teamed with a pair of other SITE club members to visit Kristin Quail and Melissa Zbytniewski’s fourth-grade class.
The High School East trio taught lessons in multiplication, kinetic and potential energy, and the branches of government.
The club visits Mills Pond elementary biweekly.
“I like getting to spend time with the children and teach them things,” Wind said.

HS East National Honor Society Mixes Hot Chocolate and Extra Help for Peers

Officers prepare hot chocolate for the tutoring session. thumbnail208064

The High School East National Honor Society mixed service and snacks on Wednesday.

Honor society students hosted the academic year’s first Homework Café.

The events started a few years ago as a way to encourage students to do homework and get peer tutoring in a friendly, fun environment.

Students come to the cafeteria for hot chocolate and chocolate-chip cookies and can do homework and get help in any subject.

The group’s officers even prepared the hot chocolate.

“It is a big hit,” advisor Maria Zeitlin said.



High School Musicians Join for Annual Tri-M Dinner, Collect Food for Smithtown Food Pantry

A drummer performs during the dinner. thumbnail207739

High School East and West music students joined together Tuesday to celebrate the 11th annual Tri-M Dinner.

The Tri-M Honor Society hosted the event for its members from both schools, this time hosted in the West library.

The students enjoyed dinner, musical performances by members, and engaged in friendly competition, with teams from East and West facing off in events leading up to the signature competition — Music Jeopardy.

The real victory of the evening was that both high schools’ honor societies joined in an effort to benefit the Smithtown community. Every person attending the event brought nonperishable food items that will be donated to the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry.

Smithtown's Jeremy Thode Walking To All Suffolk High Schools to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Signs with students greeting walker. thumbnail207703
Smithtown resident Jeremy Thode, who serves as the athletic director for the Center Moriches School District, wants to raise awareness of mental health among teens.

So Thode, a former president of the board of education for the Smithtown Central School District, is spending Thanksgiving week walking to all 59 Suffolk County Section XI high schools. His 300-mile journey over six days takes him to Smithtown High School East and High School West on Tuesday afternoon.

His walk was chronicled in Newsday this week.

Both Smithtown high schools supported Thode’s effort. At East, signs were placed at the front entrance with messages including, “East is walking with you,” “You will not walk alone,” and “Together.”