Middle School Math Students Get Quizzed

Middle School Math Students Get Quizzed thumbnail178537

Pre-algebra students in Erik Tjersland’s class at Great Hollow Middle School used the game-based learning platform Kahoot! to reinforce their recent math lesson on exponents. Using their Chromebooks, the Kahoot! quiz allowed the in-person students to review their math skills while also working with those students who were virtual learners, getting the answers to their questions in real time.

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden

Video: HSE/HSW’s Jacqueline Harden thumbnail178535

Our next Day in the Life video series features school psychologist Jacqueline Harden from High School East and West.

Making Turkeys Do Math at Mt. Pleasant

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In preparation for Thanksgiving, the first graders in Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Brunet’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School used their math skills to craft turkeys on Nov. 20. Using a spinner, the students landed on a number between 0-9 and had to color that number of dots on a turkey feather. They then had to use a different color to fill in the remaining dots to equal the number 10. After all the feathers were colored, the students showed off their colorful turkey creations.

Monster Writers at Tackan

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Fifth graders in Mrs. Spata’s class at Tackan Elementary School practiced their powerful writing skills by describing a monster that they created. The students wrote stories about a monster and the monster’s features using many descriptive details. Principal Matt Furey then joined the class to draw those monster creations just by reading the descriptive words.

Turkeys in Disguise Around Smithtown

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During the week leading up to Thanksgiving, the students in the district were hard at work to disguise their turkeys and save them from becoming dinner. At Mt. Pleasant Elementary School and Smithtown Elementary School, the students created paper turkeys. They took their turkeys home and worked with their families to disguise the turkey so the farmer wouldn’t catch them for Thanksgiving dinner. The students came up with creative ways to hide their turkeys this season. The students also sang Thanksgiving songs in class, learned about the holiday and talked about what they are thankful for this year.