CAPTURE Covid-19

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Capturing the individual and collective experiences of students and staff was the idea behind the club created by Smithtown High School East art teacher Dianne Shanian. “From the last day of in-class school on March 13, the students and staff have been coping with staying at home and doing our best with online instruction, and other limitations the Covid-19 virus has imposed,” she said.

“Since every person has been affected on some level by this sudden change in our lives, I wanted to offer a platform where students and staff could express or capture their feelings and thoughts in the form of words, photos, paintings, drawings or videos,” she said. “The collective visual result is emotionally powerful. The realization that these entries came from students in kindergarten through 12th grade, and from staff members, speaks to the overarching impact this experience has had on people of all ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds within our school district.”

CAPTURE slide presentation serves as a record for our district of this unique time in history, and we hope all viewers find something within it that resonates in them.


Waving Goodbye to Middle School

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They may not have had the traditional sendoff to high school, but the district’s eighth graders surely felt special during their drive-by moving up ceremonies. The district’s three middle schools – Accompsett, Great Hollow and Nesaquake – each hosted parades on June 16 to celebrate the achievements of their eighth grade classes. Administrators, teachers and staff members lined the sidewalks of each respective building, holding signs of congratulations for the students as they celebrated their milestone moving up to high school.


Keeping Busy with Great Hollow’s Peanut Butter Gang

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Even though schools may be closed, the Great Hollow Peanut Butter Gang has still been busy with their community service. Check out some of their activities during the last few month in this video.

Great Hollow Writer Turns Published Author

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It’s every writer’s dream to have their work published, but it’s even more of an honor when a middle school student finds out they will soon become a published author. Ariana Glaser, an eighth grade student at Great Hollow Middle School, was recently notified that her book “She Remembers” will be published by Foundations Book Publishing.

Ariana received her letter of acceptance in mid-May and is excited to share her work with the world. “Writing has been such a huge part of my life for so many years, and finally being able to share my writing with everyone is more than I could ever ask for,” she said. Ariana began writing short stories at the age of 7, and when she turned 11, she finished writing her first full-length novella, “The World I Never Knew.” The following year, she self-published the novella through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Ariana knew that “She Remembers” deserved more attention than what she would achieve through self-publishing. “I searched for a publisher for ‘She Remembers’ for several months before Foundations Books offered me a publishing contract,” she said. “To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement. I am already working on my third novel, a mystery involving a dystopian society.”

According to Ariana, “She Remembers” is dedicated to Isabella Muntean, a 15-year-old who she knew through social media who passed away from cancer in April 2018. Bella founded Angel Heart of Hope, a charity dedicated to helping childhood cancer victims. Ariana hopes her book calls attention to the plight of these children.

Capture COVID-19

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The district is asking students and staff to capture and submit their thoughts and expressions about COVID-19. The deadline for submissions is June 10th. Click here to upload