Teddy Bear Care Teaches Safety at Dogwood

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Kindergartners at Dogwood Elementary School had the opportunity to play doctor to their ailing stuffed animals during a teddy bear clinic hosted by Stony Brook Hospital and their nursing students on Nov. 12. 

The students learned about safety both in the car and when they are doing activities, such as bike riding, skateboarding and riding their scooter. Kristi Ladowski, injury prevention coordinator at the hospital, spoke to the students about injury prevention and the importance of keeping safe in the car. She also demonstrated how wearing a helmet during sports and other activities can help reduce the risk of injuries. 
Dressed in their masks and gloves, the students then acted as the caregiver for their stuffed animals, helping to diagnose their ailment, treat and bandage their wounds and give them after-care instructions. 

Fall Fun at Dogwood

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First graders at Dogwood Elementary School welcomed in the fall season and have been busy working on fall-related activities in November. The students wrote poems about what fall means to them. They also participated in fall centers where they rotated to the different classrooms for hands-on lessons. 


Kindergartners Cast their Vote

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Kindergartners at Dogwood Elementary School recently learned about the voting and election process prior to Election Day. The students read “The Three Little Pigs” and “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs,” which tells the story from the Big Bad Wolf’s perspective. The students made their own voter registration cards, filled out a voter application and then cast their vote in a ballot to see who they believed in the stories. 

Crunching at Dogwood

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The students at Dogwood Elementary School participated in Big Apple Crunch Day as part of their Red Ribbon Week activities. The day is designed to foster healthy eating choices. Each student brought an apple to school and the entire building crunched their apples together in the afternoon.

VIDEO: Physical Education Gets Spooky at Dogwood

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During the week of Halloween, Dogwood Elementary students participated in an obstacle course. Check out the video...