The Smithtown Central School District Equity Team was established in 2016 and is comprised of over 100 members of the Smithtown community, including students, alumni, parents, staff, teachers, administrators, and community members. They meet regularly to discuss and develop ways to meet the needs of all students by elevating their voices, making our schools more inclusive, embracing diversity, providing students what they need to thrive, and ensuring that our curriculum is representative of the world around us.

The Equity Team is currently developing a report detailing its 2020-21 school year efforts. The Team has several Focus Groups that are working to meet Board of Education Goal #3, which states:

III. Equity and Inclusivity: Conduct a curriculum review and training to identify and develop ways to incorporate greater empathy, appreciation for diversity, elevation of and representation of diverse perspectives, critical thinking and critical consciousness, and continue our transition towards a more culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy. Train hiring committees in processes that reflect a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion; recruit for diversity; and increase the diversity of the SCSD staff.
Our Focus Groups are:
  1. Community Literacy
  2. Data & Accountability
  3. Dignity for All
  4. Hiring, Training & Recruitment
  5. Representation in Curriculum
  6. Student Training & Leadership