Athletics Department

Message from the Athletic Director


Interscholastic athletics in the Smithtown Central School District is an outgrowth of our physical education and health program and therefore an integral part of the district’s total educational program. The interscholastic competitive environment provides an opportunity for our participants to learn positive life skills, values and ethics in a climate that demands dedication, responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, a positive work ethic and respect for others. This program provides students an opportunity to share common interests, respect differences and appreciate physical competition as a lifelong process.

Students involved in the program must demonstrate a personal commitment to the goals of the team and make the personal sacrifices necessary in order to achieve success. Making such a commitment to excellence nurtures a sense of pride, loyalty and leadership qualities in an athlete, enabling the individual to become more resilient and better prepared to face life’s challenges. This unique experience allows students to achieve their full potential as students, athletes and citizens.

The Smithtown Central School District offers a comprehensive and progressive athletic program that includes a wide variety of individual and team sports. The Athletic Handbook details our program.

The program is rich in success and tradition. The pursuit of excellence enables student athletes to achieve self satisfaction and fulfillment, enhancing their educational experience. Principles learned through active participation in athletics will guide future decisions and personal roles as active members of society.

Jason Lambert
Coordinator of Physical Education, Health, Athletics and Nurses