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Please click HERE to view the map showing the redistricting plan for Branch Brook Elementary for the 2017/18 school year.  The current attendance zone for Mt. Pleasant is highlighted in purple and the current attendance zone for Tackan is tan.  The attendance zone for Branch Brook is shown in two colors.  The section on the left in blue is the portion of Branch Brook that will be redistricted to join Mt. Pleasant.  The section on the right in green is the portion of Branch Brook that will be redistricted to join Tackan.  No other elementary zones are impacted by this redistricting.

The new boundary can also be described as follows:  from the northern point of the Branch Brook zone on Terry Road, head south on Terry Road to Smithtown Boulevard to Southern Boulevard.  Head south on Southern Boulevard to Townline Road.  Branch Brook students on the west side of that boundary will attend Mt. Pleasant.  Branch Brook students on the east side of that boundary will attend Tackan.  The boundary will be right down the center of the three roads listed above – Terry Rd, Smithtown Blvd, and Southern Blvd.

Please note:  The map can be zoomed in and/or searched.  To search – from the main map page, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner of the page and enter the street address you wish to lookup.  The map will zoom to that location.  Additionally, you can zoom in or out with the scroll wheel on a mouse and or by using the +/- icons on the lower left corner of the map.


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    Please note that boundaries are preliminary and for planning purposes only. Final determination of boundaries will not occur until there is input from both the Board of Education and the community. You can zoom in on each map for each tentative plan.






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