Accompsett Students Get Acquainted with Native American Ways

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Fourth graders at Accompsett Elementary School participated in a day of hands-on learning activities thanks to a program from Journeys Into American Indian Territory. The lessons were a perfect pairing with the fourth grade social studies unit on the Eastern Woodlands. 
After a grade level assembly, students broke up into different learning stations for the hands-on portion of the day. The students examined Native American artifacts, walked through a longhouse and learned about the hunting ways of the men in the tribes. They also learned the role of the women and children, and about the tools they used for making clothing.
The Native American children had a bit of fun. The Accompsett students listened to different tales of the tribe while sitting on deerskin rugs and also tried some of the different Native American games. 

Feeling Like Coding

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Students in Mrs. Smerechniak’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School read the story “Today I Feel Silly” by Jamie Lee Curtis to Mrs. Chester's second grade class. The students shared their feelings with the class. As an added activity, the students correlated their feelings with ozobot movements through coding. For example, if they were feeling excited the ozobot could be coded with the “turbo boost” code.

Crashing Into Energy Lessons

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Fourth graders at Tackan Elementary School and Mills Pond Elementary School are crashing into their Project Lead the Way lesson on energy transfers. In a hands-on experiment, the students investigated elastic and inelastic collisions to learn how energy was transferred during a collision. Using two ramps and working in groups, the students tested collisions between two cars at different heights and recorded their results during the different trials. 

Celebrating Chinese Traditions

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Fourth graders in Annette Lopez’s class at Mills Pond Elementary School celebrated Chinese New Year. One student in the class shared a PowerPoint presentation in Chinese, which he then explained to the class in English. He also spoke to the students about the meaning behind the Chinese traditions that are followed during Chinese New Year, such as red envelopes with yen inside. The student’s parent brought in decorations for the classroom as well as dumplings and noodles for the students to try with chopsticks. 

Board of Education Honors Student Accomplishments

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In an effort to engage community members and parents from throughout the district, the district held its Jan. 28 board of education meeting at Mills Pond Elementary School.

To start the meeting, the Mills Pond fourth grade chorus performed two songs for the audience and board members: “Lean on Me” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Afterward, members of the Mills Pond Cares Club, a community service group, presented a check for $785 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation from money raised at their healthy snacks sale.

The board of education recognized two students who were named Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars – Stephanie Lin from Smithtown High School West and Caitlin Wilkinson from Smithtown High School East. 

Following the recognitions, Kira Conte, a science research student from Smithtown High School East, presented her social-emotional learning research and findings conducted at Mills Pond Elementary titled “Think Positive! The effect of Growth Mindset Training on Academic Attitude.”