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  • Smithtown Students Survive at Sea
    Smithtown Students Survive at Sea
    As part of a recent science lesson, students at Accompsett Middle School participated in a “lost at sea” lesson with their classmates. According to teacher Lou Mincieli, the activity involved being stranded at sea with 15 various items. Students must prioritize what is most important in order from 1 to 15. “After the group comes up with their priorities, I give them the official answers from the U.S. Coast Guard,” he said. “They take the difference between those... Read Full Story >
  • HSW Graduate Named Music Scholarship Winner
    HSW Graduate Named Music Scholarship Winner
    High School West Class of 2020 graduate Michael Golub is a recipient of a student scholarship by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. This year, LIMHOF acknowledged five students with the Distinction in Music award and an additional five students with the Merit in Music award for their accomplishments. All 10 students are pursuing music studies in college. “Long Island Music Hall of Fame is honored to have the opportunity to support and acknowledge accomplished high school seniors who... Read Full Story >

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