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    Dogwood Shares Some Smiles New!
    Fourth graders at Dogwood Elementary School were recently given an online assignment on Google classroom. They were asked to “share some smiles” and write a few things about what they have been doing while they are at home with their families. Along with photos, each student created their own slide, which the teachers posted together as a slideshow for the entire grade. Read Full Story >
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    A Trip to the Mesozoic Era
    Dinoman and his dinosaurs visited Tackan Elementary School second grade students with a program that took them on a trip through the Mesozoic era. Dinoman also visited each classroom to teach the students about dinosaur fossils. Students had the opportunity to touch dinosaur horns and rocks containing fossils. Read Full Story >
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    Problem-Solving Skills Help Save Their Pop
    During a recent Project Lead the Way lesson, the second graders in Mrs. Rasmussen’s class at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School participated in a problem-solving hands-on activity to “save the ice pop.” They had to problem solve a way to save their ice pops before they melted. The students learned about insulators and conductors during the unit focusing on states of matter. Read Full Story >
  • History Comes Alive at St. James
    History Comes Alive at St. James
    The fifth graders at St. James Elementary School held a wax museum for their classmates and families. After researching a historical figure of their choice, the students dressed the role and became part of the living museum. They portrayed famous historical people, sports stars and entertainment legends. When someone “buzzed” them, the figures came to life and were able to animate themselves and give a biographical history of their character. Read Full Story >

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